Tuesday, September 27, 2022

4 Benefits of Owning a Smart Device

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What categorizes as a smart device? Well for starters, one that connects to a Wi-Fi network and brings forth more brilliant features for users to benefit from. For a while now, smart devices have slowly made their way into every industry, whether it is the mobile phone industry, television industry, or even large manufacturing factories.

Smart technology brings with it automation that smooths out the process without the need for any manual labor. It could be anything from an automated assembly line at a car manufacturing plant, to playing a movie on your smart TV with voice enabled control rather than scrolling through the hundreds of options.

But let’s look at smart devices at a domestic level. What are the benefits of smart devices to the domestic consumer?

  1. Convenience

The very first and obvious advantage to owning a smart device is convenience. With smartphones you can video call friends and family continents apart, you can control certain devices and appliances merely with a simple voice command – and likewise, smart devices allow users to automate certain things around their home. It brings about this convenience that you probably never knew you were missing out on.  That is why such devices are ideal for the elderly, for working individuals who are away from their home for the most part of the day, and everybody in general. Everybody benefits from smart devices in some way or the other.

  1. Security

Alongside automation, smart devices are great home security method alternatives. Where you would otherwise have had to get an alarm system set up by a security company, which is sometimes pricey, smart devices serve as an alternative and at a fraction of the cost. Consider them a one-time investment even if they are out of budget.

Take smart cameras for instance. A much more advanced version of surveillance cameras, featuring smart technology that allows you to watch over your home in real time from wherever you are. Smart Cameras are also known to feature clear video in HD with night vision, and two-way audio as well to make communication and surveillance even easier.

Smart Smoke Detectors are another great example of a smart home device contributing towards the safety of your home. These devices can pick up on anything from smoldering to fast burning fires, and even carbon monoxide leaks. Ordinary smoke detectors cannot perform all three functions.

Smart devices are also great for security since they keep users updated, with alerts sent to their mobile devices in real time, whether it’s the video doorbell, whether the smart lock was just accessed, or whether the smart camera picked up on someone hovering in the yard. Never miss a single notification while you’re busy or away.

  1. Energy Efficiency

If there’s one reason that a lot of homeowners invest in smart devices for, it’s the energy efficiency factor. Given that smart devices can be controlled via their respective mobile applications and voice enabled control as well, it leaves no room for carelessness on the consumer’s end.

Smart Thermostats are great for energy efficiency. They feature auto-temperature adjustment, as well as ecofriendly temperature settings. The devices can also turn themselves down if they don’t sense anybody around. The mobile apps allow users to control their thermostats from miles away. So if you were to forget switching the thermostat off before you left for work, it’ll take one tap on your phone and the task’s done.

Similarly smart lights, smart sprinkler controllers just like smart thermostats, allow domestic consumers to save up on energy and water consumption overtime. Bonus: it cuts back on the billing!

  1. Interconnectivity

As we mentioned before, smart devices bring about convenience because they automate certain aspects of our homes. They also feature mobile applications through which these devices, when connected to a Wi-Fi network can be controlled from wherever, and just like that smart speakers can enable voice control over these smart devices.

The fact that all smart devices are compatible with smart speakers and are accessible through smartphones, tablets and some even from laptops, this increases their interconnectivity – meaning all your smart gadgets at home whether its smart lights, the smart thermostat, smart door locks or even the smart camera footage, are all accessible from a single source. Interconnectivity basically improves a home’s productivity and provides homeowners with the peace of mind that everything is accessible to them wherever they go.

All in All

Smart devices come with a plethora of features, each device bringing in something of its own that proves useful at home. If this has however gotten you curious about smart devices, check out FirstEnergy’s Smart Home catalogue at www.firstenergyhome.com. You’ll find that there are so many of them, and each as good as they sound. Safe to say some things can actually be as good as they sound on the internet!

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