Must have tools for small online businesses in 2021!

Starting an online business in today’s time is not easy at all. Apart from risk-taking and heavy investments, solo entrepreneurs have to deal with limited budgets, manpower, and time constraints. While it can become super difficult to manage and grow a business from scratch with limited resources, we’re lucky to live in the digital age with many tools out there to help us with business growth.

With the rights tools and a solid internet connection like Spectrum internet, you’re already on your way to establish a strong business presence in the market. Let’s take a look at the must-have tools every small business needs to grow in today’s time!

  1. Google Analytics

Numbers are a great way of tracking progress, especially when you’re running a small business. Learning about traffic generation and the demographics of your target audience is important to build a solid future for your startup. And what’s a better tool to track growth than Google Analytics? The analytical tool allows you to notice changes in traffic generation, understand where the majority of your audience is visiting your site from, popular visiting times, and much more.

Using Google Analytics is a great way to play with numbers and use them to build a better marketing strategy.

  1. DropBox

Loads of information require lots of storage and when you have multiple documents, videos, images, and content floating around, managing everything becomes ten times harder. However, with DropBox, you never have to worry about losing a single file. Safely store all your documents, images, and files in a single location and access them from anywhere in the world!

Create subfolders and organize all your files accordingly without wasting any time. You can also share files with other users in seconds, so you don’t have to go through any hassle. Just create a DropBox account and you’re good to go!

  1. ScheduleOnce

When you’re a solo entrepreneur in charge of running, managing multiple meetings a day is tough. Sometimes, you might even miss out on one or two meetings because of the workload. With ScheduleOnce, never worry about missing out on any future meetings and opportunities. The cloud-based solution syncs your calendar and allows clients to schedule meetings on their own time, according to your availability.

Connect the tool with various calendars from Outlook, G Suite, Office 365, and iCloud to save automation time, book reminder emails, and schedule meetings seamlessly.

  1. Skype

Who doesn’t enjoy a free calling and texting service? Skype is a must-have communication tool when it comes to liaising with clients, team members, contractors, and more. It’s an everyday tool that comes in very handy in establishing proper communication and smooth working. Along with screen sharing, users can enjoy landline calling as well! No matter where you are in the world, stay connected with Skype.

  1. Jira

Management is key, especially when you’re testing a new idea, running a new business, or creating a new product. To understand what’s popular, which tactics to avoid, and how far along are you in the development process, you need a development process tool like Jira.

Gather external feedback, track progress and improve the development process accordingly. Jira allows you to firsthand view the workflow list in the production process and consumer feedback, so you can make improvements on the go! A simple sharing button is all you need to share updates on any products and models you’re working on.

  1. HootSuite

Limited manpower is a huge concern for startups. Every resource dedicated to a startup has its fair share of workload and assignments. This is where HootSuite comes into play. This employee replacement tool works brilliantly for social media management. The platforms allow a user to create their own profile beforehand for social media engagement and streamline the workload even when they’re not working.

So this way, you can dedicate your time to other projects without worrying about missing out on any other important tasks. Capturing social data has never been easier!

Make your life easier

Small business tools act as stepping stones when it comes to business growth. If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business, these 6 tools are a must-have on your list!

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