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How To Plan A Bonfire

Spending time outdoors with friends is perfect now that summer is around the corner. There’s something for everyone, from backpackers to backyard enthusiasts. This is perfect weather to gather all your best buddies and dedicate a night to a bonfire and good food. These bonfire party recommendations will help you throw the ultimate bonfire party.

Follow Fire Codes

Checking for burn prohibitions is the most crucial step. These only occur in high heat or dryness. The fire prohibition remains in effect even though it rained two days ago. Not merely a drizzle will lift the ban—the soil must be soaked. To avoid closure, call your local fire brigade if in doubt.

Make A Fire Pit

Fire pits are essential. To make a fire pit outside, make a tiny hole and encircle it with rocks. You can use neighbourhood or apartment complex fire pits. Tabletop fireplaces and chimneys are portable fire pits. Avoid mishaps by leaving enough space around the firepit.

Choose A Theme 

Themes make bonfire parties more fun. You could do glow-in-the-dark or Fourth of July or Halloween ones. Themes also affect games, music, and decorations. They also create a great campfire party atmosphere easily.

Create A Seating Area

Make sure your guests have enough seats. To avoid music chairs all night, offer more options. A hammock close would enhance the bonfire atmosphere. Give folks blankets to remain warm or cuddle on the ground. Call an exterminator to clear the area where you would be seated. 

Cook A Bonfire Worthy Meal

Don’t just bonfire food like s’mores or barbecued meals. Instead, you want food to last hours. Bring frozen items. Crock Pots are needed to keep meats warm after cooking. Bring marinades, sauces, and vegetables to supplement your meal. Good food in good company is just unmatched. 

Stockpile Drinks

BYOB or ask visitors what they like to drink. If you provide drinks, offer beer, wine, liquor, cocktails, soda, tea, hot chocolate, and water to avoid dehydration. Cups and an ice-filled cooler are essential. Make sure there’s enough for the whole night. 

Bring Essential Toiletries

This is mostly for adventurous outdoor bonfire party planners. There might be no toilet in sight so you better come prepared. Bring toilet rolls, trash bags, wet wipes, and a little shovel! Bury your # 2s at least 6 ” underground to minimise environmental impact. You should take toilet paper or wipes with you. 

Dress Properly

Bonfires require proper attire. This involves layering to be warm and cool depending on the night. Wear unclean shoes. Finally, your clothes will likely feel like charcoal as the night comes to an end. New sports jackets aren’t recommended tonight. Also, make sure you’re wearing full sleeves and trousers to avoid any insect bites. Call Mosquito Control before the final day to clear the area. 

Smother The Fire

Water is needed to put out the fire at night. Outdoor experts advise a water gallon every 3 square feet of campfire space. A breeze and moderate heat can reignite a fire without flames. Charcoal burns at 2,000°F. Finish a nice night by fixing the heat!

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