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Friedmoving Tulum – A Dangerous Way to Access underwater!

Freediving Tulum is a naturally perilous game wherein, wearing just balances and a veil, you plunge as far as possible on just a single breath of air. The advantages of freediving are that you can “free” yourself from wearing SCUBA gear and you can lawfully spearfish in territories that preclude doing as such while breathing from a compacted air tank. SCUBA devotees may call attention to that an individual doesn’t get enough time submerged to make freediving a suitable other option, yet with new methods in breath-holding the world record right now remains at 10:12 and the world record for swimming submerged, evenly, on one breath is 112 meters (around 367.4 feet).

Beginning, I showed myself how to freedive basically because I needed to perceive how profound I could plunge. My underlying slip-up, which is normal for the new kid on the block freedivers, was to attempt to go down excessively quick; this had the negative impacts of keeping my body tense and exhausting important oxygen…it was hard to get to 25 feet. Ultimately, I figured out how to unwind and go down gradually; my profundity hopped down to 45 feet very quickly after difficult the new procedure. Another mystery, that will help when you first beginning, is the underlying change from gliding on a superficial level to being vertically submerged and starting the jump. At the point when you’re going to go down, delicately pull your knees in towards your chest, turn your middle and head down towards the lower part of the pool, sea, or lake and push your legs straight uncertain (your blades should be totally out of the water); this development will drive you down around eight feet with minimal measure of exertion and get you into a casual situation as quickly as time permits.

Following a couple of months, I started freediving Mexico with a companion. While swimming off the shoreline, he showed me a couple of mysteries. To start with, while driving, keep your eyes shut. From the start, I figured this would cause me some bewilderment, however, after attempting it a couple of times, I understood that the main impact it had was to loosen up my whole body; in the wake of attempting this new method, my profundity bounced down to 75 feet. Second, when you are down to the extent that you can jump and going to return up to the surface, your cover really holds a tad of air that you can suck in through your nose. The greater part of you will say this is cheating since it should be a one breath plunge, yet when you’re down at a hundred feet and you get shaken by something, and you need that tad of additional air, you’re not going to be caring whether the freediver is “unadulterated” or not.

All in all, on the off chance that you are new to the game of freediving or a prepared SCUBA jumper that needs to have a go at something other than what’s expected, increment your solace submerged, or even form another aptitude that will give you the certainty to SCUBA all the more proficiently, at that point put a few balances and a veil on and plunge profound. You’ll adore the opportunity that this game offers. Begin rehearsing in a neighborhood pool by swimming to and fro from one end to the other submerged. My last and last tip is; focus on unwinding, swim smoothly, and make an effort not to grin submerged because it will flood your veil with water (simply joking, grin all you need, you can clear your cover later)!


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