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What is the best black tattoo ink to use?

Black tattoo inks are the darkest type of ink. Most times, black tattoo inks are often used with other colors, but you can also use them as a stand-alone. If you don’t know what color to select for your next tattoo drawing, black can’t be the wrong one to include as a black tattoo ink will help to bring out other colors in your tattoos.

Black tattoos are now a trend for tattoo lovers. With intricate designs and top-notch creativity, you can use a black tattoo ink to turn the body of your client into a living, walking, art edifice!

You, as an artist, need to come up with a beautiful tattoo that will be admirable to all.

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons. It could be to mark a significant aspect in their life, to remember loved ones, or to tell a story. You, as an artist need to get a quality tattoo ink that will help give expression to their inner desires and won’t affect their health.

Since you’re in the business of placing a foreign object permanently into the body of others, you need to care about the quality of your tattoo inks. You need to ensure that you always have the best type of ink in your hands; this way, you can be confident that it won’t leave your customers with any complications in the future. At this point, you may be asking the question; where can I buy the best black tattoo ink? We’ll answer that in a jiffy.

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Why should you use black tattoo ink for your next tattoo?

Black tattoo ink has a lot of benefits; one is that you can easily select from lots of designs, in comparison to other colors.

Another is that black inks will make your image clearer, as it adds highlight and shadow to the design.

Irrespective of what you want to draw, quality black inks like Quantum’s black tattoo inks will make the design more noticeable, thereby making it look attractive.

Also, if you want to cover up an old tattoo, you can do that easily if you use a black tattoo ink that has high pigment concentration.

A black tattoo ink, such as Quantum’s black tattoo inks can hide any tattoo that your customer no longer wants; whether it’s a name of an old friend, a moment they no longer cherish, etc., you need to get a black pigment that will ensure perfect delivery.

How to choose a black tattoo ink ?

Tattoo inks come in different types and quality; as such, you must know the differences in tattoo inks so that you can make your best choice.

Some tattoo artists use high quality and, most times, low-quality inks for their unsuspecting customers. The primary reason why tattoo artists use low-quality inks is to save cost; however, as pure as their intention may be, low-quality inks may leave your clients with life-long skin problems.

Don’t just be an ordinary tattoo artist, be one that uses top-notch inks for your black ink tattoo to guarantee your clients of quality tattoos that will leave them yearning for more.

A lot of tattoo ink producing companies say that their product is the best and this might leave you confused about which is the best black tattoo ink; as such, we’ll give you valid reasons why you should opt for Quantum’s black tattoo inks while trying to shop black ink tattoos for your business.

We compared our product with some popular tattoo inks, and Quantum blacks stood out for a few reasons, which we’ll be discussing shortly.

Why you should use Quantum black tattoo inks?

Not all brands out there are organic or vegan-friendly, but Quantum black tattoo inks are. The ingredients used in making our products are all sourced from the earth.

Apart from being organic, some other things that make our Black tattoo inks stand out are;

Our black tattoo inks produce bright and relevant tattoos: Most tattoos in the market have less than 50% pigment, but because we care about the satisfaction of users, some of our black tattoo inks have up to 65% pigment concentration.

The weaker the pigment concentration, the poorer the result that you’ll get (unless you are using it for a specific style), which will, in turn, affect how your tattoo designs appear on the skin of anyone who has it. You don’t want to use an ink that fades, would you?

Our black tattoo inks have antiseptic properties: One of the most significant health dangers of getting a tattoo is that it increases the chances of getting an infection. But if you use our black tattoo inks, then you can be sure that it won’t leave your clients with an infection; this is because our black tattoo inks have thymol, amongst other things. Thymol is widely used due to its antiseptic properties.

Some Components of Quantum Black Tattoo Inks that make our product Unique

Kosher Products: For anyone who approaches you for a tattoo but believes in the Jewish tradition and culture, using our products doesn’t go against their ideology.

Antiseptic: To get the best result, we had to add organically extracted antiseptics to ensure that your tattoo does not leave people with infections.

Extracts from eucalyptus: These extracts help the tattoo to heal faster than it usually would; this gets your clients in great shape so that they can start showcasing your work soon.

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