Using a Manufacturing KPI Dashboard to Empower Company Culture

On the one hand, it’s very true that all subsets of the manufacturing industry are unique unto themselves. In terms of performance and even quality, the metrics that someone in apparel and textiles manufacturing is concerned about may vary wildly from someone in lumber and other building materials. But regardless of which branch of manufacturing your business operates under, one of your most critical assets will always be your company’s culture.

Company culture is at the heart of any successful company. The more people are invested in your business, the more they’re invested in the critical work they’re doing on a daily basis. Therefore, any opportunity you have to improve company culture will only pave the way for future success – and OEE software with a manufacturing KPI dashboard is a big part of how you can do it.

Improve Company Culture, Improve Your Business

Ultimately, people want to show up for work and every day to do the best job possible. Whenever they fall short of that goal, it’s usually not for lack of trying – it’s because they lack access to the tools or the information they need to effectively do their work.

To speak to the latter point, consider what a custom manufacturing KPI dashboard can do if it’s set up in the company break room. With a tool like Thrive, you can create custom dashboards easily by selecting the tiles you want based on the data points that matter most to you and your people.

Instead of being reactive to the situation, which typically involves waiting weeks or even months to discover that there is a problem only to wait even longer to bring it up with people during individual performance reports, suddenly all parties have a real-time look into how things are going.

In an instant, people don’t have to wonder how they’re doing as individuals or as part of the collective – they can see the fruits of their labor at all times. This can act as a powerful motivator so that people can be more invested in their daily tasks. If you give them what they need to measure and understand their own performance in relation to your larger goals, they’ll care about accomplishing those objectives even more.

They’ll naturally begin to work harder, they’ll do a better job, and the overall quality of the products that you’re creating for clients can’t help but increase. It’s a move that improves company culture by allowing every employee to see how they fit into the bigger picture that is your business, and it’s an opportunity that is far too powerful to overlook.

If you’d like to find out more information about the various ways in which you can use OEE tracking and a manufacturing KPI dashboard to improve your company culture, or if you’d just like to see what a solution like Thrive can do for your team in a more specific way, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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