The Best Real Money Gambling and Betting Sites that Are Legit

Real money gambling sites are exactly what they sound like – sites that allow you to play with actual money. These types of sites usually have real cash as the primary form of payment and may charge service fees for in-site betting. Real money gambling can be a great way to spend your spare change and have some fun at the same time. However, not all real money gambling websites are created equal. Some offer better opportunities for winning real money gambling such as Agen Slot Online Terbesar and therefore we’ve compiled a list of the best real money gambling sites that are legit.

Where to Find the Best Real Money Gambling Sites

Finding legitimate real money gambling sites is a little more complicated than finding a good online casino. This is because every country has different laws and regulations pertaining to online gambling. We recommend first reading up on all the laws and regulations for your country to see if a real money gambling site is even remotely legal. Another way you can find good real money gambling sites is by using a search engine. Certain search engines have special algorithms that show higher-ranked results than others, and you can use these to find legit gambling sites.

High Stakes Betting Sites

You’ll often find high stakes betting sites are an excellent way to earn extra cash on the side. This is because you can bet on almost any sporting event or competition and receive a high return if the team or individual wins the match. High stakes betting sites usually offer a percentage return on your cash compared to the odds offered by the bookmaker. For example, if the bookmaker has 1/5 chances of earning you $5 and the returns are 50/50, you would expect to receive $2.50 for every $5 you bet. However, at a high stakes betting site you would typically receive $10 if your team wins and $10 if they lose. This gives you a guaranteed profit no matter what! High stakes betting sites may charge a fee for each bet, but these are usually small. Some even offer free spins and cash back on future bets to encourage you to come back and bet more. High stakes betting sites are a great way to make extra cash on the side. However, we don’t recommend high stakes betting sites for recreational gamblers. The returns are too low and the risks are too high. High stakes betting is ideal for professional gamblers who can handle significant financial risk.

Casino Betting Sites

Casino betting sites allow you to place real money wagers on almost any sporting event or competition. You can usually place “straight-up” or “over/under” bets on almost any outcome including a specific score and time. Many online casino betting sites also offer “mathematical” betting which allows you to bet on a range of outcomes including multiple winners in one competition. Online casino betting may charge a fixed fee each time you bet or take advantage of “promotions” where you can bet for free on certain sporting events. Online casino betting is a great way to make some extra cash on the side. Just make sure you only bet on sporting events you are confident in!

Sports Betting Platforms

If you love betting on sports but don’t have time to watch every game, you should consider using a sports betting platform. Many sports betting sites now offer the ability to bet on almost any sporting event through an online platform. This means you can place a bet almost anytime you want even if you’re not at home. Some platforms even allow you to bet on as many different sports as you want. This way you can maximise your return on your sports betting dollars. Superior sports betting platforms also offer a wide range of betting options and odds so you can find something that fits your betting style best. Some platforms even offer promotions and bonuses for frequent bettors. This way you can keep betting for free even when you don’t have enough money to cover the initial cost of a bet.

Mobile Gambling Sites

Mobile gambling has grown at an incredible rate in recent years and there are now many legitimate mobile gambling sites you can use on the go. Some mobile gambling sites allow you to bet on sporting events and competitions while others let you play casino games. Popular mobile casino games include poker, slots, and roulette. Most mobile gambling sites offer the same basic features as their desktop counterparts including accounts, bonuses, and promotions. The main difference you’ll notice between mobile and desktop gambling sites is the navigation. Mobile gambling sites are always formatted for mobile devices so you can bet on the go. It’s worth noting that many mobile casino sites are also mobile gambling sites. This means you can use them for both casino games and sports betting.


Real money gambling is a great way to make some extra cash on the side and is ideal for professional gamblers who can handle significant financial risk. There are plenty of real money gambling sites out there and most of them are free to play. You’ll just need to do a little research to find the best ones.

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