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Reasons to groom your dog in winter and Tips to do so

A good portion of pet owners now has a misapprehension that a dog does not need to get groomed in winter. Experts in pet healthcare confirm that grooming is important and beneficial for the health of dogs. They also say that it is more recommended to be done over the winter season. Dog owners can hire services with mobile grooming for your dogs with long fur. Mobile groomers are more than convenient, they are professionals and use professional pet groomer supplies.

It is right in some direction that the thick fur that grows on some breeds of dogs will help them a lot during any kind of extreme climatic conditions. However, grooming is for keeping the dog’s hair healthy by keeping them clean and long enough.

Why Grooming is more important in winter

The main reason for pointing out the importance of grooming your dog in winter is to help the pet with a healthy coat of fur during the season. All kinds of dirt will be absorbed easily by the extremely grown fur and can cause infections on the skin under the fur. It is also the reason to avoid matting on the dog’s hair during winter. Matted hair on dogs will not provide comfort with all the fur it has. Instead, it will become a painful companion for them alongside chances of infections.

Always remember to keep the dog dry after a walk with your pet is vital for healthy fur. Drying and keeping it clean is easier with well-groomed fur. Shortening the fur or shaving them cleanly is also recommended for matted dog hair to stop any future skin and hair infections. Any pet clinic can help all kinds of furry dogs by grooming and keeping them healthy during the coming winter.

The importance of grooming again increases in winter when it comes to the nails of the dog. Usually, long walks around the neighbourhood in summer will wear out the nails and keep them in a healthy state. Pet owners with dogs may not get ready to walk around like that in the winter while they can stay cosy inside. This will result in overgrown nails on the dog and eventually, that entire extra-grown nail starts to hurt their feet with every step they take.

Benefits of dog grooming

Many people believe that the long and luscious mane of dogs protects them from the winter chills itself. They can’t be more wrong. In fact, it is even more important to take care of your dog in the winter. Winters can plague your dog with skin problems, cracked paws, infections and many other problems if you are not careful. Dog grooming can help the general well-being of your dogs. It not only improves their look and smell, but also keeps them healthy. Mobile grooming in Sharjah is becoming popular as most pet owners have started to realize the importance of dog grooming.

Tips for dog grooming in winter

To keep your dog happy and healthy during winter times, take note of these winter grooming tips:

  • Nail clipping

In the winter, it’s critical to keep your dog’s feet in good shape. Your dog’s nails naturally wear down throughout the year from regular walks outside on concrete and asphalt, but most humans and dogs restrict their outdoor activities in the winter. During outdoor walks, nails wear down more quickly and may gather salt or snow. Also, during the winter, most people are less active and don’t run as much with their dogs, so nails don’t wear down as much.

  • Brushing

Brushing helps to keep mats and tangles at bay, which only get worse the longer they stay in place. Mats and tangles obstruct the natural oil production in the skin, which helps to condition and invigorate the skin and coat.If your dog’s skin is dry, consult a veterinarian about possible dietary adjustments or supplements.Regular brushing will keep skin and fur problems away.

  • Bathes

Due to the mix of cold weather, wind, and inside dry air from our forced-air heaters, many of us suffer from dry, chafed, and scaly skin during the harsh winter months. Even though they are covered in fur, our dogs are susceptible to the drying effects of winter, making it even more necessary to use a non-drying, moisturizing, mild shampoo and conditioner.You can use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to maintain the skin and fur healthy.

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  • Paws

When dogs are outside in the winter, their paws might grow dry. The pads might become broken and infected if the damage is serious enough. The use of a moisturizing balm on the pads will help to avoid cracking.

  • Rub downs

Make sure your dog is kept regularly dry. This is especially crucial in the winter because your dog is just as prone to winter effects just like anyone else. Dry out your dog especially after bathes and do not let him run out with damp hair.When our dog’s fur isn’t completely dried the skin can get quite dry and sensitive.

  • Haircut

Cutting a dog’s coat during the winter affects does not affect the canine’s ability to remain warm. it is the wild animals that need long fur and a thick undercoat for warmth, whereas house dogs don’t. Besides matted fur causes discomfort and pain. Instead of becoming an insulation supplier, long coats can become a curse to your dog.


It is important to provide adequate grooming to your dogs in the winter times.Dog grooming in winter is essential to maintain the quality of coat, hygiene, smell and flea prevention. Your dog is also prone to many skin related issues in winter. Since walk and play time is also reduced in winter times, grooming to should be given prior importance in dog healthcare.

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