Porcelain Slab Showers: A Luxury Upgrade for Your Home Spa

If you have ever seen porcelain used in a bathroom, you fully understand that this unique surface stands apart in the contemporary bath design world. Are porcelain shower walls the right choice for your home?

Porcelain Slabs: The Look of Marble that Performs Like Tile

When most people hear the word porcelain, they imagine their grandmother’s china cupboard filled with delicate serving ware. Today’s porcelain slabs use the same ancient manufacturing technique on a massive scale. These large slabs are designed to last through decades of use in your bathroom. After all, archeologists pull 2,000-year-old porcelain tiles out of digs all the time.

When you shop for porcelain, you will wander through a display of large sheets featuring all the natural colors found in granite, soapstone, and marble. Dramatic veining lends each piece a unique personality, creating a bespoke look for your private retreat.

A Man-made Surface Delivers Consistent Beauty Between Panels

Today’s porcelain shower panels begin life as a pile of soft clay, sand, and other minerals that are formed into molds the size of large slabs. Next, a massive printer applies a non-repeating pattern that mimics the natural flow of veining and inclusions found in real stone. A glaze is applied over the pattern and the slab is fired at extreme temperatures. The slab resists stains, soap scum, fading, and is completely waterproof.

Because porcelain is manufactured, you are able to find multiple slabs that will perfectly complement one another–a fabulous option when building a spacious bathroom retreat.

Gorgeous Single Surface Porcelain Shower Walls

When you work with large format porcelain, you are able to craft shower walls that are completely smooth. Long gone are the geometric grout lines that are associated with traditional ceramic tiles. The result is drama, opulence, and an easy-to-clean surface.

The large slab look embraces today’s open-concept home decor trend. Visually, you see an expanse of luscious porcelain with no other materials interrupting the design.

Adding an Opulent Walk-In Shower for Your Main Bathroom

For homeowners looking to replace an outdated tub and shower combination with a walk-in design, porcelain takes the popular one-day upgrade versions to the next level. There is no need to settle for an ordinary acrylic enclosure. Your bathroom will reflect the premiere design standards found elsewhere in your home.

Just imagine shower walls that run from the floor to the ceiling in a single beautiful surface.

Professional Installation Makes All the Difference

Porcelain may look attractive, but it does demand technical expertise for a durable and dazzling installation. It is wise to work with a local stone fabrication and installation shop. If you are in the Findlay, Lima, or Toledo, OH area, Legacy Marble & Granite offers the precise attention to detail this work demands.

The professional team will visit your home to take digital measurements of the shower area. At their own fabrication shop, your chosen slab of porcelain is cut on their robotic CNC table. The same crew personally returns to your home for the installation. Once the tile is in place, they will not sign off on the job until your total satisfaction is achieved.

Explore Your Options at a Porcelain Slab Showroom Near Findlay and Toledo

If the idea of porcelain slab showers sounds appealing, take some time to visit the showroom at Legacy Marble & Granite. Experience the full impact of these gorgeous oversized tiles before you start building your private spa. Give them a call to schedule a private viewing at your convenience.

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