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Planning Your Trip to Japan: A Step-by-Step Overview

Is planning your trip to Japan going to be a challenge for you? If you’re not sure how to start organizing a trip to Japan or where to start preparing your itinerary, you’ve come to the right place. Organizing a trip to Japan, a country with a culture very different from your own, a language you don’t speak, and a number of sprawling megacities, may be challenging.

But we want to tell you right now that going from one part of the country to another are not hard at all. The Japanese have a reputation for kindness, generosity, and efficiency. It won’t be long until you’ve fully settled in to life in the United States.

Visiting Land of the Rising Sun, where to stay, the best things to do as a first-time tourist for , and everything else you need to know to plan the perfect lux japan tour are just some of the topics we cover.  The likelihood that this article contains embedded affiliate links is high. You won’t pay anything more if you use one of these links, but we’ll get a little commission that will mean the world to us.

Time of Year to Visit Japan

A great first step in getting ready for a trip is writing down the dates of your trip.  If you know roughly when you want to go, you may start looking at different flight times.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Japan

Japan has an extended form, being both long and narrow.   During the colder months, skiers flock to the northern mountains.  Off the coast of Okinawa, a popular beach resort in the south of Japan, scuba divers may explore a vibrant and pristine underwater environment.

The region between the two cities may have the most visited spots in both Tokyo and Kyoto.  When would you recommend visiting Japan? That is totally up to you and your own preferences, as well as the region of the nation you decide to explore.

The General Dos and Don’ts of Japanese Culture

It’s not a big secret that good manners are still quite important in Japanese society. We have never encountered more kind, thoughtful, and courteous people than these two.

That was a big reason why our trip was so special and unforgettable.

As a guest, you are not obligated to fully assimilate into local customs, but you should at least try to return any benefits that have been shown to you.

Soaking in an onsen is a must when in Japan, but before you do, I urge that you familiarize yourself with the basics of onsen etiquette.

Learn some Japanese so that if you get lost in one of Japan’s massive train stations and someone helps you out, you can say “please” and “thank you” in the language of the people who assisted you.


Since different cultures have different dining norms, it’s not surprising that Japan has different rules pertaining to using chopsticks. If you remember nothing else from this text, let it be that you should never put your sticks vertically into food since doing so is associated with dying.

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