Physical Benefits For Marijuana Uses

Cannabis users may benefit from exercise and increased lung function. However, the research may not apply to the majority of cannabis users in the Canada The findings may also not be relevant for the people who use marijuana in legalized states. These individuals are physically active and their regular exercise may overlap with their marijuana use. Physical benefits for marijuana users may be limited to these individuals or they may have overlapping effects. Nonetheless, these benefits may be important to consider.


Among the many claims about marijuana and fitness, exercise is one of the most intriguing. In one study, 600 marijuana users aged 21 and up in six states were surveyed. Those who reported using marijuana before exercising completed 43 minutes more of physical activity per week than those who used the drug after. This results are contrary to the stereotype that marijuana users are lazy. Professor Angela Bryan, PhD, a cognitive science and psychology expert, says that the positive association between marijuana and physical activity is real. You should visit HRM marijuana delivery, and get more more info about its product and buying details.

Improved lung function

Marijuana delivery HRM users may have improved lung function. Some studies have linked marijuana use to reduced FEV1/FVC, suggesting that the substance is associated with obstructive pulmonary disease. Other studies have found that marijuana users have slightly increased FVC. The differences may be due to deep breathing techniques performed by marijuana users. However, more research needs to be done before making any conclusions about the effects of marijuana on lung function. To learn more, read the following article.

Weight loss

One study published in the Canadian Journal of Epidemiology concluded that marijuana users had lower rates of obesity. Interestingly, the results were similar in another study on marijuana and obesity. In both studies, marijuana users had lower BMIs and increased calorie intake. Therefore, marijuana use for weight loss may be beneficial for many people. In fact, marijuana has been found to reduce stress, a leading cause of obesity. But how does marijuana work to lower stress and promote weight loss?

Pain relief

While professional athletes and medical experts are largely in agreement regarding the legality of recreational marijuana, there is a lack of empirical research supporting the therapeutic value of the drug. Recently, the National Football League (NFL) announced its support for a novel clinical trial to test the therapeutic benefits of marijuana and its components, including THC and cannabidiol. In the trial, a mixture of the two substances will be compared to a placebo.

Protection from brain damage

The use of medical cannabis has recently been legalized in Ohio. While the benefits of medical marijuana have not been firmly established, it has been shown to protect the neural system from secondary brain damage. These properties of cannabis are attributed to the cannabinoid, 2-AG, which is released into the brain after an injury. The substance has also been shown to reduce swelling and neurological impairment. However, more research is needed to fully understand the benefits of marijuana on the brain.

Reduced risk of cancer

There is now conflicting evidence regarding the relationship between cannabis use and cancer risk. A recent study found that long-term marijuana users are 62 percent less likely to develop certain cancers of the head and neck. These diseases include mouth, tongue, nose, sinuses, throat, lymph nodes, and neck. The study examined a large group of smokers in the Halifax area. Although the research has not confirmed the relationship between cannabis use and cancer risk, the findings are still promising.

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