Most Common Shoulder Pain And How To Treat Them At Home

Anyone can experience the issue of joint. You can say it is a common problem. The pain of the shoulder may involve the area of your tendons, muscles, cartilage, nerves, or ligaments. It can start in the arm, hand, neck, and shoulder blades too.

It is important to treat such pains earlier in order to get the right treatment and avoid complications. Shoulder pain heels in approximately eight to nine weeks or it can take a longer time. Remedies of shoulder pain help you to recover at home.


There are some common causes that lead to the occurrence of shoulder pain. These causes tendonitis, arthritis, muscle strain, bursitis, frozen shoulder, and rotator cuff injury. Diagnosing the pain of the shoulder helps the doctor to select the right treat and home remedy for you.

Treating Shoulder Pain At Home

The good news is now you can treat shoulder pain using some best home remedies that we have mentioned below. Treating the pain of the shoulder often involves providing strength to your muscle and soothing inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal medications are best to decrease inflammation and pain. You can use over-the-counter drugs including naproxen, aspirin, and ibuprofen to reduce the pain of the shoulder. It is necessary to reduce inflammation.

It helps you to be protected from arthritis, injuries, rotator cuff injuries, and other injuries to your shoulder. Do not use medications yourself at home if your shoulder pain is severe. It can involve any other medical condition too.

Cold Compress

It helps you to decrease swelling in the area of your shoulder. Colling numbs the severe pain. Use an ice pack to apply for the time of twenty minutes. Take a frozen gel pack, frozen pea’s bag, and some ice cubes in a plastic bag.

Now, you have to wrap this cold pack in the towel. Never apply a cold pack directly to the area of your skin. It can damage your skin cells and stop blood circulation.


Take a medical bandage to wrap the shoulder. It should be elastic. It helps you to decrease the pain and swelling. Now, use a regular ACE or cold compression bandage. You can purchase a shoulder wrap from any pharmacy. Do not wrap it much tighter.

There is no need to block the flow of blood. Your hands start feeling numb or change color into blue. If it occurs then lose this bandage.

Heat Therapy

Heat is good to relax your muscles that are tense. It also soothes the stiff muscles of your shoulder. Moreover, it helps you to decrease the pain of arthritis and muscles in the shoulder. Use a hot water bottle, heated gel pack, and heating pack to apply heat therapy on your shoulder.

Muscle Relaxants

If you have experienced muscle spasms in the area of your joint, you can take muscle relaxants. Common relaxants of muscles are baclofen, cyclobenzaprine and tizanidine. To get muscle relaxants, you have to discuss your issue with a doctor.

Follow the prescription. Muscle relaxants can induce feelings of drowsiness. Do not worry if you feel it while resting. We do not recommend you to take muscle relaxants before operating any machinery or driving.

Pain Medication

You can use certain medications in order to decrease the pain of your muscles. These medications include aspirin and acetaminophen. It helps you to cope with certain injuries. Your sleep gets better as your recovery time progresses.

There are some side effects of pain medications. These medications can cause heartburn and make your stomach upset. Take a suggestion from your doctor before using these medications if you have a stomach issue.

If you are using these medications for a longer time i.e, more than four weeks, talk to your doctor. You can try some creams and topical gels that work to relieve pain. These creams and gel do not have many side effects like oral medicines.

Rest And Modification Of Activity

Alter the activity that is including shoulder pain in you. You can stop this activity if it is causing severe shoulder issues. Do not keep your shoulder in one position. You have to gently move it in order to get a quick recovery. Movement keeps the muscles of your shoulder flexible and strong.

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