How to study Physics effectively?

Physics is one of the most significant subjects as we come across the subject and concepts in our day to day activities. Students feel physics is a difficult subject due to its laws, principles, formulas, equations and graphs. One has to deeply understand the concepts then one will have a grip over the subject matter. In this article, we will focus on how to study physics effectively?

Start with textbook

To initiate the study on a particular subject or concept starts with the prescribed textbook. The textbook is designed as per the academic curriculum and syllabus. The textbook will give the students a basic understanding of the concepts. It will also help in solving the questions related to it. When the textbook is done one can move further to other reference books to solve more questions like lakhmir singh physics class 9 solutions which have a wide variety of questions.

Get hold of the basics

Have a stronghold over the fundamental concepts and laws and get thorough with the theory part. The theory concepts will lead to practical applications and also help to solve numerical problems. When one has strong basics and strength in theoretical knowledge then the rest of the things get simpler. The basic concepts, definitions, equations, laws, formulas can be tabulated or noted down by the student in separate notes so that it can be used to revise or get in touch with the subject easily.

Work on derivations

Students tend to skip the derivation or mug it up. Instead of skipping and mugging it up one can spend some extra time and learn the entire derivation. This helps in proper understanding and also the mathematical concepts behind it helps in improving the problem-solving skills. Try to analyse the pattern of derivations and solve questions based on them. By doing this the concepts, formulas and equations get engraved in the mind. One can refer to lakhmir singh physics class 10 solutions for a better understanding of solving numerical and derivations.

Graph is the key

Any physics concepts with equations like motions, distance, time, velocity etc can be explained by graphs easily. This aids in a simpler and quick understanding of the concepts. Answers presented graphically show that one has in depth knowledge about the concerned topic. Graphs, equations and formulas are the key points in scoring good grades.

Connect the concepts

We use the concepts of physics in our day today activities. For instance, push, pull, friction are the physics concepts which we do daily. One can connect these concepts with these activities and make the learning process joyful and simpler. This helps in connecting the subject with real life applications. Each and every topic can be related to activities, experiments so that students will learn easily. Practical learning yields better results than theoretical learning.

Learning in this manner makes physics subjects easier and students will be able to earn higher grades. These techniques can be applied stepwise one after the other. Regardless of the quantity of the syllabus, a well organized study plan holds the key to clearing physics exams easily without any hindrance.

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