How to Enjoy Good Weather?

Summers are hot and sweltering. But amidst the humid days, we do get respite in the form of good weather. Sometimes the rain pours, leaving us fresh, while the other times, it is the cool breeze that provides solace to the soul. In the early morning, especially the weather is cold. But half of us, like the majority of us, are sleeping at that time. We really miss the good things in nature. So, here we thought, why not give you some tips and tricks to enjoying the good weather when you can.

  1. Spend Time with Plants: Plants and nature rejoices when it rains. The leaves are green and flowers happy. Nature looks magnificently beautiful. That’s one of the best times to spend a few hours with plants. Watch them come to life, admire the refreshed glory. Sit around plants and you will feel the coolness. If you have a park nearby, go for an evening walk, smell the soil and you will feel innately good.
  2. Make some snacks and Enjoy: When it rains or the weather is good, you surely like to eat something tasty. Make deep-fried snacks like fritters, samosas, spring rolls, cutlets, or any other snack. Compliment the snacks with tea or coffee. Sit on the balcony and enjoy your great time. It would be better if you could spend time with your family or friends. If you have a swinging chair in the balcony, everything is sorted. If possible, send snacks to your friends or call them at your home for a party
  3. Hot Chocolate and Book: Hot chocolate + books + good weather = a happy day. Order or make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book. Smell the pages of the books, sip hot chocolate, and embrace the weather. Sit by the windowside to feel the falling droplets or blowing winds. A cup of hot coffee like cappuccino, latte, mocha would as well. Cold would do as well.
  4. Listen To Music: Oh! What a combination of good weather outside and music. You surely can’t miss this one. Put in your earphones or headphones, play all your favourites. Let yourself loose in the rhythmic tunes of music and nature, the melodic symphony ever. A word of recommendation, tune in to romantic or soft music. Otherwise anything of your choice because all music is good.
  5. Eat something Sweet: The ones who are born with a sweet-tooth crave something sweet, no matter what the occasion is. When the weather is good, your brain is releasing endorphins, you are happy and you want to eat something sweet. You can bake desserts or order for yourself. Microwave it for a yummy taste that will linger for a long time. You can also send cake to Nagpur to your friend or relative and tell them to enjoy. Click and share pictures, tag each other.
  6. Soupy Maggie To Rescue: I love eating maggi when the weather is good outside. I cannot think of any other food at that time. If you are anything like me, eat a soupy maggie. I like to try new flavours and experiment with different tastes. Sometimes it is chilli noodles, sometimes cheesy, sometimes with veggies and many different ones. Try out yours. Sharing maggie with friends is a whole different mood.
  7. Sit Idle and Enjoy: Sometimes, it is good to do nothing and flow with the moment. Sit idle and just enjoy good weather. Live in the moment and feel the wind, rain, storm. Delve deeper into your thoughts, hum songs, do nature photography.
  8. Look Outside The Window: Look outside the window. Look at the clear sky full of chirping birds, maybe a rainbow behind the clouds. Witness children playing in the park, and dogs out on the street with their petters. Look and admire nature’s beauty.
  9. Chit-Chat Sessions: Spend a lovely time with your mother. When the weather is great outside, you don’t feel like sitting inside. You want to be outside. Sit and talk with your mother. Share experience and stories with her.

There are many days and months when the weather is good, and it’s a great opportunity to stay in the moment and adore it


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