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Gozo, the generally secret sister island of Malta

Normal scenes, verifiable legacy, the Temples of Ggantija and even what survives from the acclaimed Blue Window. Find the country appeal of Gozo and how to get to Malta’s second most significant island. The island is popular for its various vacation spots, among which are the Ggantija Temples, trails and dark blue waters, ideal for washing or plunging. On the off chance that you need to find the island’s stunning coast line, you can without much of a stretch recruit a boat from

The characteristic excellence of Gozo is noteworthy to the point that considerably Homer was enlivened by this island to compose The Odyssey, which tells how the sprite Calypso saved Ulysses for a very long time, tempting him on an island heaven.

In spite of the fact that Gozo is an objective that flourishes with the travel industry, it has figured out how to keep up its provincial substance that separates it from Malta. All through the island, you will discover ranches, fields of development and incalculable places of worship and areas. Gozo is profoundly Catholic. In the event that you are considering visiting Gozo, you can’t miss the appeal of Victoria, the capital of Gozo.

The capital: Victoria

Victoria is the capital and the main city in Gozo. Despite the fact that local people actually call it by its old name, Rabat, in 1887, it was renamed Victoria to respect the Queen of England.

The most delightful zone of ​​Victoria is its Citadel, which traces all the way back to bygone eras. The main pilgrims in this little walled city were the Knights of the Order and the aristocrats showed up from Aragon. From the highest point of the city, you will have an exceptional perspective on Gozo.

In the Citadel, there are the Cathedral of the Assumption, known for the frescoes of the bogus vault, the old jail on the island, the Natural Museum of Gozo and Republic Street, the primary business road.

What to see in Gozo

These are a portion of the attractions of Gozo that you can’t miss in the event that you visit this island of Malta:

Sanctuaries of Ggantija: These massive sanctuaries, pronounced a World Heritage Site, are the most established human development on the planet, even before Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt. They were worked somewhere in the range of 3600 and 3200 BC and were committed to the goddess of richness.

The Blue Window: or rather, what survives from it. This one of a kind stone that was the image of Malta for quite a long time, was obliterated by a tempest in the year 2017. The normal magnificence of the environmental factors makes sightseers keep on visiting the territory. Also, if the ocean is quiet, it is feasible to perceive how the disengaged rock shows up ridiculous.

Cala Xlendi: The paradisiacal environment and energetic climate of this little inlet is ideal for jumping, unwinding on the sea shore and getting a charge out of a bright day.

Parasite Rock: this particular stone in the inlet of Dwerja doesn’t go unseen by aficionados of Game of Thrones, on the grounds that here was the wedding of Khaleesi and Khal Drogo.

How to get to Gozo?

Gozo is six kilometers northwest of the island of Malta. The best way to arrive by open vehicle is by ship . The outing requires around 25 minutes and the ships leave at regular intervals from the Maltese port of Cirkewwa and show up at the port of Mgarr, in Gozo.


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