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Fashion Trends this Spring 2023

When the weather warms up in the spring, everyone rushes to get their summer clothes out of storage. The prospect of lightening our load is exciting enough, but we also can’t wait to reorganize our closets and start wearing some of the newest spring trends. Much more can be added to the mix for the upcoming spring of 2023. Spring fashion, like other seasons, has its own staples, such as maxi skirts and tank tops, flowy blouses, and light-wash denim, with only so many ways to style them. Given the abundance of incredible looks that have been paraded down the runway, highlighted on red carpets, and featured on Instagram, putting together spring outfits that feel new can be difficult. It can be difficult to know where to begin with so many options available to us, such as balletcore, the return of grunge, and Y2K fashion trends like long denim skirts and colorful tights. We enlisted the help of three fashion experts this year to narrow down the options and present their top picks for the spring of 2023.


Caitlin Jaymes is the CEO and founder of Caitlin Jaymes Organizing & Styling. She makes bags that are sculptural and simple enough to be considered flexible accessories. “I would get it in camel, ivory, or light green or pale yellow if I wanted a color choice,” she tells InStyle. The style guru goes on to say that she could dress the basic item in a variety of ways, but for a casual look, she’d go with a “straight leg jeans, light knit sweater, and a white slim shoe” combo. Her go-to eveningwear is a “slip satin long skirt with a white ribbed tank and pointed toe kitten heels,” she tells the website.


While pastels are a timeless (if cliche) springtime option, they often get a bad rap because people assume they’ll make you feel corny. Personal shopper Allie McKenna is on her way to dispel that myth. “Some of my favorite colors are baby blue, lilac, and yellowish-green. I can’t wait to put on my baby blue midi skirt, white silk camisole, and thick multicolored necklace. A pair of unique 3-inch heels that match the outfit is also a must-have for me because I want to draw attention to my feet.”


McKenna’s second most anticipated trend for spring 2023 is the reintroduction of the Canadian tuxedo. “To be honest, I’ve always liked this look, and I’m overjoyed that it’s making a comeback. I can’t wait to go out with my friends in a denim maxi skirt, a matching denim corset top, and some chunky platforms this spring.”


Fashion expert and stylist Naina Singla advises InStyle readers to splurge on a new, eye-catching maxi skirt this season. “These are a versatile wardrobe essential worth investing in, and they’re great for any season,” Singla writes in an email. Furthermore, Singla claims that long maxi dresses with skirts are appropriate due to the growing Y2K effect on the fashion industry. She mentions how a maxi skirt is a versatile piece that can be worn during the day or at night. Maxi length denim skirts, satin slips, and knits are popular right now.


Personal stylist and image consultant Andie Sobrato predicts that platform slip-ons from the 2000s, which have been in style for a while (in part due to the return of Lizzie McGuire), will be especially popular for spring 2023, with several brightly patterned options available. With cropped denim and a button-down shirt, “I am delighted to put on a daisy, polka dot, or bright platform slip-on,” Sobrato writes in an email. These shoes are the perfect example of carefree, entertaining style and will be the focal point of any outfit while adding a burst of youthful vitality.


This spring, mesh will be another Y2K-inspired fashion statement.

“Specifically a mesh long-sleeve top or bodycon dress,” Sobrato tells InStyle. These mesh dresses and tops are the perfect way to add texture and dimension to your wardrobe; they reveal just enough skin to be sexy but hide enough to leave mystery, and they come in a wide range of bright solid colors and daring prints. Clothing and fragrances always go hand in hand. Check out for the top 13 luxury fragrances to try this spring.


Spring is only two weeks away, even though it may feel like we’re still slogging through the depths of winter. When the ten day mark arrives… Planning your spring wardrobe may seem like a far-off fantasy if you, like us, are currently bundled up in your warmest knits and debating whether or not to wear your bulkiest puffer jacket to the office to combat the cold. Thankfully, the fashion industry is always six months ahead of us, as evidenced by the fact that the spring/summer 2023 runway shows have already occurred and our new season clothes have been predicted for us before we’d even given them a second thought. Although you probably wouldn’t wear an anthurium flower across your chest to the office on a Tuesday morning (unless you’re an utterly devoted Loewe stan), or carry around a clutch bag that’s a meter wide (although Louis Vuitton’s are undeniably tempting), you’re sure to find some sort of fashion-related inspiration on the seasonally appropriate runways. It would be nave to think that the runway trends presented there didn’t significantly impact the fashion industry as a whole, even if you don’t end up purchasing any of the garments seen there.

In 2022, fuchsia will be replaced by a more subdued pastel version of pink, while black and cobalt blue will emerge as unexpectedly popular hues. Those in search of a sexier wardrobe can expect to see a proliferation of low-rise waists and sheer fabrics, while the ‘groundbreaking’ florals that have been a hallmark of springtime fashion this year receive a bold, three-dimensional upgrade.


For the spring/summer 2023 season, sheer fabrics will be more popular than ever. Dress overlays, which add drama to a simple evening slip, and more risqué lingerie-baring pieces are both extremely sexy ways to layer and add a sense of sultry intrigue to a look without resorting to the more conventional routes of miniscule hemlines and plunging necklines.


The slouchy waistline that was so popular in the ’90s is making a comeback. We may have to bid farewell to our favorite high-rise for the summer of 2023, as low-rise versions of everything from jeans to suits, shorts to evening skirts, have already become ubiquitous. Use a crop top to emphasize your new figure.


Obviously, we don’t need to be reminded. Even though the holiday party season is in full swing in December, 2023 is throwing out the rulebook and declaring the spring and summer the best time for a little glitz and glamour. The trend for SS23 is to wear a softer, lighter color palette, with pastels, tans, and pale pinks being the most popular.


Undoubtedly, fuchsia was the color of 2022 (thanks, of course, to one Mr. Pierpaolo Piccioli, who ignited the trend in March at Valentino’s AW22 showcase), but for SS23, the shade makes way for a punchy blue hue. It’s great to see cobalt blue making a comeback in the fashion industry after a long absence. You’d be smart to jump on this trend, which is being worn on everything from dresses to jackets to skirts to boots, before we all get too carried away and go back to wearing solid colors.


SS23 is shaping up to be a very seductive season, with boudoir details taking center stage in eveningwear. However, this may not be a trend you want to test out at the office. You can ease into it with a lace-detailed slip or go all out with a lace-trimmed corset, stockings, and gloves.


Perhaps fewer of us would make a strategic early exit from parties if these were the bags handed out at the end of the night. These evening bags are the polar opposite of the Haribo and blow bubble-filled, napkin-wrapped plastic party bags we all remember from our childhoods; instead of a few small treats, the motto “more is more” is faithfully adhered to.


Black was an undeniable recurring theme on the most recent runway collections, despite being an unexpected color choice for the spring and summer seasons. Naturally, the color is handled more delicately than usual, especially when combined with skin-baring fabrics like crochet and lace.


Despite the season’s official start date not being until the end of March, one of spring/summer 2023’s most noteworthy tendencies has a February 14th vibe. Everything from hips to legs to chests to hemlines was covered in heart prints this September on the runways. Particularly adorning dresses are ideal for those who aren’t afraid to show their emotions on their sleeve (or elsewhere) on a date.


Even if Miranda Priestly disparaged them in 2006, these flowers are so innovative that even she would appreciate them. For the upcoming year, the classic trend will take on a much more three-dimensional role, emerging from shirts, shoulders, and even taking over your torso, making it more dramatic than your typical spring floral. The latter option might be too much for a low-key dinner with friends, but this is a great choice for those who aren’t afraid to turn heads.


Although fringes have been around forever, this classic design detail will be huge next season. We mean huge here. From fringed cuffs that start at the elbow to full-length fringed dresses, fringed clutch bags, and why not *actual* fringes… If it has a fringe, we’ll be into it next season.


Move over, fuchsia; here comes a new color. For the upcoming season, pink is transitioning to a pastel, candyfloss hue that is less striking and more inviting. You should definitely be thinking pink this March, whether you choose to go head-to-toe in the color or simply buy some sugary pink accessories.


The runways for spring/summer 2016 were dominated by a very specific, romantic color trend, with a soft sunset ombré proving to be an unexpected hit. In contrast to the chilly air outside the September shows, the sight of reds blending into oranges, yellows, and whites provided a welcome dose of warmth and renewed hope for the coming season. You won’t be let down if you splurge on a piece with this sunset tint.

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